Bethany Hoff - Resident Artist of Pure Ink Tattoo Studios in Ledgewood, NJ

Bethany Hoff - Tattoo Artist - Witch - Pure Ink Tattoo Studio NJ

Bethany is a talented tattoo artist hailing from the countryside of Waterloo, Michigan. She makes tattoos fun and relaxing, being patient with clients and making good conversation.

Her artwork is top of the line and she specifically loves to draw up nerdy tattoos! Including but not limited to: anime, cartoons, and video games. She loves medieval and witchy themes, as well as drawing adorable and creepy animals.

Bethany started her artistic journey when she was just a kid, drawing every day for the joy of it. She entered a competition at the local county fair for best graphite drawing, winning first place in her age group. Later in high school she created a life sized paper maché fairy, winning her multiple first place prizes across districts and was voted most creative by her peers. Despite all the recognition and adoration, Bethany struggled with mental health. But through years of reflection, practice, patience, and some witchcraft, she has emerged a confident tattoo artist with the ability to empathize with her clients.

Today, Bethany is happy to take clients from all walks of life. And, yes, she will read your tarot cards.

To reach out or book an appointment with Bethany simply CLICK HERE.

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