Pure Ink Tattoo sets the standards in this industry. Our studio is safe, clean and comfortable - we guarantee it! Pure Ink staffs some of the finest tattoo artists in New Jersey such as Daniel Rosini, John Kosco, Tito Rodriguez, Ian Shafer, Brian Buchert and Allyssa Bollmann.

Our mission is simple, it’s been who we are since the first day we began planning this business. Pure Ink Tattoo will set the standards for this industry.  Read More


We have researched and listened to our clients about how to make their experience more comfortable. We now offer the one and only FDA approved numbing agents known within our industry! Numbing gel and spray for an almost Pain free tattoo experience.

Why Use Numbing Agents?

Some people feel the pain of getting a tattoo is a sacred part of the process, but not everyone can handle it. It's better to offer clients with low pain thresholds a quality tattoo anesthetic then to ask them to power through and battle their cringing throughout the process.  Tell me more!


Pure Ink Tattoo Artist Wanted

We are always taking applications.  Experienced Artists and Receptionist positions are always an interest to Pure Ink and it's growing staff!  Feel free to apply anytime. Just DOWNLOAD HERE and fill out our application, then email a copy over to jobs@pureinktattoo.com

If you are applying for an artist position, please also send some portfolio work directly to jobs@pureinktattoo.com


Pure Ink now offers tattoo removal with our "Ink Delete" service!  With an all natural based removal system and practically pain-free we are once again on top of our game in this industry and will continue to offer our clients the best!  This is a top-notch alternative to laser removal and worth looking into!

So you decided you have at tattoo that must go!  Maybe it's the name of an ex, maybe you lost a bet and have your friends portrait on your thigh (no offense to any of my friends who have these...) or maybe your taste has just changed.  Now comes the tough part... How to remove it... Read More

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Pure Ink Tattoo - your premier tattoo studio. We set the standard in this industry. Our studio is safe, clean and comfortable – we guarantee it!