Ian Shafer - Resident Artist of Pure Ink Tattoo Studios in Ledgewood, NJ

Ian is a resident artist here at Pure Ink Tattoo in Ledgewood, NJ. He has been tattooing professionally since 1991. He has had experience in other respected studios throughout the United States.

Ian Shafer - Profile Picture

Ian’s extensive knowledge and passion for tattooing show in his ever-growing styles and has become a staple to our studio. A unique mix of a San Diego style blackwork and East Coast style color has kept him busy for many years throughout his growing career. Ian Shafer displays a comfortable and fun experience for every client that he services. His one of a kind approach gives clients a good opportunity to get involved in the creation of their project. Ian has a passion in expressing his creativity through his tattooing which has led to a positive experience and outcome for the client. Many years of experience has given a boost in this industry. It has not only led to a great experience with him as an artist and person, but has also allowed him to guarantee the client nothing short of outstanding quality and service.

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