Allyssa Bollmann - Resident Artist of Pure Ink Tattoo Studios in Ledgewood, NJ

Allyssa is the shops newest resident artist here in Ledgewood. Although her journey as a tattooer has just started this year in 2021, she has been studying and creating art since 2014.

Allyssa Bollmann - Profile Picture

Prior to tattooing, Allyssa worked many jobs and had many ideas of which way her future would go, but always came back to the idea of being a tattoo artist. It was a passion of hers that burned deep within that she realized it wasn't worth putting out. She spent many years of her life drawing and preparing herself for the opportunity and got that start here at Pure Ink.
Allyssa has many influences in the industry that have helped her learn to tattoo, some of which are resident artists to Pure Ink. She was taught how to tattoo by her mentor Danny Rosini as well as resident artists Brian Buchert, John Kosco, Tito Rodriguez, and Ian Shafer. A large influence on her work, and drawing is also credited to Justin Sandelli, another well respected New Jersey tattoo artist. They have all helped her gain an extensive amount of well rounded and credible knowledge of the trade that shines through her work. Allyssa loves doing anything blackwork! She is a very talented black and grey pencil artist already and plans on using that skill in tattooing. She wishes to get into photo-realism as well as various illustrative tattooing styles such as neo-traditional.
She is young and she is mighty and there is no stopping her now that she is what she always dreamed to be. If you wish to work with her, you are in good hands. She is a kind and professional artist who will always guarantee an exceptional experience and tattoo!

To reach out or book an appointment with Allyssa simply CLICK HERE.

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