Non-Laser Tattoo Removal by Graig Berkowitz

Griag Berkowitz - Tattoo Removal - Pure Ink Tattoo Studio NJ

So you decided you have at tattoo that must go!  Maybe it's the name of an ex, maybe you lost a bet and have your friends portrait on your thigh (no offense to any of my friends who have these...) or maybe your taste has just changed.  Now comes the tough part... How to remove it .

If you have done you research most of it probably pointed towards laser removal. If you dug deeper you probably have discovered its painful, costly, and only effective on some colors, not to mention the laser doesn't remove the ink from your body it just blasts it further into your body. Wonder how the lymphatic systems deals with that ink in it... fact is no one knows! I bet at this point you either decided to give up and live with it, or you kept researching and realized there are other methods out there that may be cheaper, less painful, and work on all colors.

Then along comes your favorite tattoo studio offering a way to remove your tattoo... But what is this magic they are offering????

Its actually a simple concept! We all know when you get a tattoo if it scabs up you will most likely lose ink in that spot... BINGO the magic is revealed! This process uses a solution to draw the ink out of your skin and uses the bodies natural healing ability to form a scab. The longer the scab lasts the more ink we are removing!  We call this wonderful method our "Ink Delete" service.  Behind this service stands Graig Berkowitz - not only a co-owner of Pure Ink but also a certified specialist in non-laser tattoo removal.

So here is how we do it and do it basically pain free:

Your old tattoo gets tattooed over with a lidocaine solution, hence the pain free. This opens the skin up allows access to the ink. Then an all natural solution is applied to the tattoo. The area is then allowed to scab up, the longer the scab lasts the longer more ink that is removed. 6-8 weeks later the procedure is performed again.


Scarring risks are minimal. But the skin may appear different color than other skin depending on skin tones and how much tanning you do, etc. Nothing is risk free, but this method is less painful and far safer than lasers, and usually requires much fewer sessions.

The good:

  • - All Natural
  • - No Lasers
  • - No acid
  • - 75% fewer treatments needed then laser
  • - Works on all colors

The risks:

  • - Minimal risk for scarring
  • - Hyper or Hypo pigmentation (darkening or Lightening of the skin tone after healing)

No method is perfect, but we believe this to be the best method available! Come give it a shot, you have nothing to lose!

For all removal inquiries and to book your first treatment please contact Graig through our Online Form.