Mia - Resident Piercing Artist of Pure Ink Tattoo Studios in Ledgewood, NJ

Mia works primarily out of our Ledgewood studio and focuses all of her creative efforts on piercing. With an interest in the piercing industry since she was a teenager, she was able to turn one of her dreams into reality and started piercing in 2016.

Continuing education in all aspects of the industry has become a priority which includes keeping up to date on sterilization techniques and providing the cleanest procedure possible; making sure every client is comfortable and well informed about their procedure, jewelry, and aftercare process; knowing the best materials and jewelry for each piercing; the best techniques to achieve the desired look for your anatomy.

Her passion is making people fall in love with their body through piercing. It can be accenting a previously "weird" fold in someone's ear and turning it into a unique and beautiful ear with the help of some sparkle. Sometimes it is as amazing and simple as seeing how proud someone is that they were able to make it through their nipple piercings. Anytime she can help put a smile on someone's face when they look at their newly adorned body is her favorite.

Piercing Schedule:

Sundays between 12-5pm

To reach out or book an appointment with Mia simply CLICK HERE to send her an email.

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