Carlos Leal - Resident Artist of Pure Ink Tattoo Studios in Ledgewood, NJ

Carlos Leal has been professionally tattooing since 2014. Grew up in Passaic, NJ where he initiated his art career. 

Carlos attributed his tattoo career to friends like Georgeink100 from Passaic, NJ  and tone_Rez who now resides in Orlando, Florida. Learning from these two amazing tattoo artist grew my influence in becoming a professional tattoo artist. Carlos was always surrounded with different type of artist , graffiti artist, painters, and artist who made amazing murals. Since a young age he was always in gifted talented art programs. After  2 years in college taking art classes he then decided at the age of 21 he wanted to become a professional tattoo artist and was passionate enough to achieve his goal. Now you can find him at Pure Ink Tattoo for your next dream tattoo. Carlos tattoos all styles from black and grey realism and full color tattoos. When tattooing Carlos takes his time knowing his clients and making them feel comfortable and making sure the clients are leaving happy with there tattoo. Contact him to setup your next tattoo.

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Tattoo Schedule:

Ledgewood: Tuesday thru Saturday from 12pm – 7pm

To reach out or book an appointment with Carlos simply CLICK HERE.

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