Numbing Agents. To Numb Or Not To Numb?

If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it 500 times… “numbing agents are for pu$$ies”. “Tattoos should be earned”. “That’s cheating”. “I have 9 tattoos and none of them hurt”.

Let’s cut the crap! Tattoos hurt! Every single last one hurts. They go from “that pinches” to “holy mother of god I’m dying as my skin is being ground off by this butcher”. I myself get raw during each tattoo, take really long breaks, whine to the artist the entire time, and just plain hate it. So finally, I got smart and looked into numbing my skin. I started slow, I’d bring a bottle of bactine with me to an appointment and on every break I’d use it… my artist hated it… then he realized it made me sit still longer, allowing him to get tons of highlights in at the end of the tattoo without listening to me whine like a democrat after election day 2017.

Pure Ink Tattoo - Numbing AgentsI then did more research and found out they have topical anesthetics that can be bought over the counter(online) that numb the skin prior to the first needle poke. My world changed! Getting tattooed became fun again. This cream backed up by a spray used during the tattoo basically made my tattoos painless. Not pain free but a lot less pain. I swear by it.

But what did my artist think? He loved it. I sat still. Got awesome tattoos in terribly painful spots of my body and didn’t die during the process. Life was good!

So now you tell me who’s the fool? The person suffering or the person enjoying the experience? Fortunately for you guys higher end tattoo studios have started stocking numbing agents and selling them to their customers. Check out the numbing agents Pure Ink carries, you won’t be disappointed. And if you want my recommendation go with the expensive stuff, the higher amount of lidocaine is well worth it!

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