Our Professional Team


Daniel Rosini (aka Danny Pain) has been tattooing since 1995. As one of the owners of Pure Ink Tattoo Studios (as well as an artist and manager) he makes sure that all clientele, new and old, are well taken care of and fully satisfied with their artist and project. Daniel specializes in color realism and fantasy.

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Ian Spong has been tattooing professionally since February of 2011 and has been killing it every day since.  He specializes in all types of work.  If you have any style in mind that you can’t go without then Ian will NOT disappoint!  Come on down and book something with Ian!!!!


Wednesday Thru Friday from 1 – 9pm.  Saturday from 12 – 9pm and Sunday 12 – 5pm


John Kosco has been tattooing since 2006 and has worked along side of great artists throughout the industry – not only at Pure Ink but also during his ventures outside of our studio. John believes it’s a privilege to create art on a persons skin and respects all styles of this medium.  He is always up for any style brought to him but definitely has a style of his very own.


Tuesday thru Friday from 1 – 9pm, and Saturday from 12 – 9pm

Tina Sulano has been tattooing and piercing since 2001. She finds her own drive in tattooing simply because of the career itself! Tina actually sees the pure meaning behind getting a tattoo and gets to create a life story on ones body forever. Transferring her art onto every client makes her happier than ever and with an imaginative sense of flow for her art, Tina’s love of tattoos takes her one step beyond most in the industry. She specializes in Black and Grey, Color, Old School, New School and Cover-Ups. Come down and get some ink or even a piercing from Tina!


Sundays from 12 – 5pm, Monday/Tuesday 1 – 7pm, Wednesday/Thursday 1 – 9pm


Tito Rodriguez has been tattooing  since 2009. For his time in the industry Tito has made huge leaps and is on his way to a great career here at Pure Ink!  His love and dedication to the arts is what keeps pushing him further and it shows in his work!


Sundays from 12 – 5pm,  Monday thru Wednesday 1 – 9pm, and Friday 1 – 9pm



Bobby Glennon has been tattooing and piercing since 1994.  As a veteran in the tattoo/piercing industry he strides for perfection.  Concentrating on professional tattoos has always been his main focus as well as his love for body modification.  Bobby loves doing color, black/grey, and new-school.


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1 – 9pm, Saturday from 12 – 9pm and Sunday from 12 – 5pm



Mia is passionate about giving the best piercing experience to each and every client she sees. She’s dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends in piercing, including placement, jewelry, and safety practices. Nothing makes her happier than adorning a client with the perfect piece of jewelry, in the perfect spot.

You can find Mia here at Pure Ink by appointment only.  Please contact her at MiaThePiercerPerson@gmail.com to set up an appointment.

Anthony Pereira has been tattooing since 2010.  He has grown in this industry as a well rounded artist and continues to educate himself along side of talented artists.  With a great personality that goes right along with his talent, Anthony is committed to making his clients feel comfortable while producing quality work on them every single time.  His specialties include illustrative, black/grey, neo-traditional and color.


Wednesday thru Saturday from 12 – 8pm


In 2012 Daniel began training as a Japanese style tattoo artist under a master in South Korea. Though he is most passionate about the Japanese Irezumi style of art, he is quite proficient in many other styles as well such as: geometric, polynesian, old school, and many more. Daniel prides himself on creating custom pieces, drawing inspiration from traditional works of art from Japan.


Monday thru Friday from 12 – 8pm



Maura is our resident piercer at Pure Ink’s Boonton location.  She has been piercing since the end of 2015 and has proven piercing after piercing that this is her specialty and love in life. Maura has grown to love this end of our industry after becoming our receptionist/studio manager at our Ledgewood location for some time.  She was given her education by Lou Messina, one of our resident artist/ piercers. With over 25 years of experience in this industry, Lou handed down his secrets to Maura and she seems to be thriving.


Sunday thru Friday from 12 – 5pm.  Please contact her at MauraCaruth@gmail.com to set up an appointment.